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Reaper Miniatures

Reaper Bones: Nov 2019 Bones 4 Monthly Ast.

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Reaper Bones Monthly Assortment Packages are back! Each month Reaper are offering a new package containing the BRAND NEW Bones 4 models!

And just like before, they are discounting these Monthly Assortment Packages for retailers! When you buy a B4MAP, your're saving almost 65% off MSRP value!!! That's the equivalent of about $50 in free Reaper product with each monthly package!

44010 Dark Dwarf Pounder
44090 Dark Elf Queen on Throne
44091 Anhurian Cavalry
44092 Overlord Cavalry
44093 Fertility Idol
44094 Jade Fire Spearman
44095 Jade Fire Warrior
44096 Jade Fire Champion
44097 Chaos Toad Brawler
44098 Chaos Toad Savage
49017 Blood Nebula Mercenary
49018 Slade, Cyborg Hero
49019 Keryx, Cyborg Assassin
49020 Tess, Adventuring Heroine
77457 Fire Giant Huntsman w/ Hell Hound
77466 Zombie Dragon
77475 Hill Giant Lowland Warrior
77483 Hill Giant Lowland Chief
77641 Wraith Slayers (2)
77642 Wraith Lord and Bodyguard (2)
77643 Wraith Duelists (2)
9975 MSP Bones Ultra-Coverage Paints: Dungeon Colors