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Black Powder Albion Triumphant Volume 2 - The Hundred Days Campaign

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 Well here we are again, our second adventure into all things Napoleonic for Black Powder. Albion Triumphant Volume 2 – The Waterloo Campaign, sees a return to the exploits of Britain in her war against the French Empire of Napoleon Bonaparte. It focuses on the climactic events of the Hundred Days that led to probably the most famous battle in history, Waterloo.

Those of you who have a copy of Albion Triumphant Volume 1 – The Peninsular Campaign, will know that when writing Albion Triumphant, I did not want readers to use it as an excuse to avoid researching the wonders of the Napoleonic Wars. I believe that the period is one of the greatest in military history.

I asked readers of the first volume to give research into the Napoleonic Wars a go, as there was no way that they would regret it. For those of you who have, I told you so, did I not? For those of you who are new to Albion Triumphant or to those who have not got around to some research, I will repeat my message “Go on, try it; you won’t regret it!”

I will not then provide a chapter and verse account of that great conflict within these pages, for to do so would require a mighty tome indeed. I will, however, signpost readers throughout the book to various aspects of the whole period that they may wish to research further.

We will look at why Napoleonic armies fought differently from preceding black powder armies as well as detailing the arms, uniforms and organisations of Great Britain and France, whilst also covering allies such as The Netherlands as well as the army that is always the bridesmaid, but never the bride – the Prussians!

I have explored how and why the Black Powder rules reflect a Napoleonic battle and I have built upon the guidance provided in the original rules and those provided in Albion Triumphant Volume 1 to give your armies their national character and your gaming more of a Napoleonic feel. Ultimately though, Black Powder is yours, the final decision as to how your games play out is up to you. Additionally, for the radicals amongst you, I have identified where you can tweak rules to add a further flavour of this period.

Finally, for those of you who are points-minded, I have provided a simple way of creating army lists and provided you with sample lists to get you started. As always my advice is that the more you research, the better your lists will be!

So without further ado...

“In with you, my lads - let me see no more of you!”

Wellington, 18th June 1815