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Flame Of War

Flames of War - USA: Fortress Europe American Unit Cards

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Comprehensive Unit Cards: The Flames of War Fortress Europe Unit Cards set includes 27 unit cards specifically designed for the United States forces in the late war period. These unit cards provide all the necessary statistics and rules needed to effectively use and command your armies in Flames Of War Version 4.
Updated for Flames Of War Version 4: The unit cards are tailored for flames of war starter set Version 4, ensuring compatibility and adherence to the latest rules and gameplay mechanics. This allows players to stay up to date with the current version of the game and take full advantage of the gameplay improvements and balance adjustments.
High-Quality Production: The unit cards are made with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. Army guy sets are designed to withstand regular use during gameplay and maintain their clarity and legibility over time.
Expansion Support: The unit cards can be used alongside other Flames of War products, allowing for easy integration and expansion of your gaming experience. WW2 games can be combined with other unit cards and supplements to create diverse and dynamic army lists, providing endless possibilities for gameplay variety.
Customer Service: Flame of war is renowned for its exceptional customer service, offering responsive support and technical assistance to ensure customer satisfaction throughout their war and miniature games journey.