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Flame Of War

Flames of War - Germany: Flamethrower Platoon

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Enhances Tactical Options: Adding the SD KFZ 251 Flamethrower Platoon to your German forces provides you with new tactical options on the tabletop. You can utilize the flamethrower capabilities to flush out enemy troops from cover or engage in intense close-quarters combat.
High-Quality Components: The kit features high-quality plastic models that are designed with attention to detail. These models capture the distinctive features of the Sdkfz 251D/16 wagons, allowing for a visually appealing and immersive gaming experience.
Late-War Unit Card: The kit includes a Late-War Unit Card, providing you with the necessary rules and stats to incorporate the Flamethrower Platoon into your Flames of War games. This card ensures that you can effectively utilize the unique capabilities of these specialized units.
Expansion of German Forces: By adding the SD KFZ 251 Flamethrower Platoon to your Flames of War collection, you expand your German forces and open up new possibilities for army composition and strategies. This diversity adds depth and variety to your gameplay.
Customer Service: Flame of war is renowned for its exceptional customer service, offering responsive support and technical assistance to ensure customer satisfaction throughout their war journey.