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Flame Of War

Flames of War - Kursk: Complete World War II Starter Set

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Flames of War: Kursk - A Complete World War II Starter Set Review


Welcome to another exciting blog post from Wargames Delivered, your trusted source for all things related to tabletop wargaming and miniature gaming goods. Today, we're diving into the Flames of War- Kursk: Complete World War II Starter Set. This set is a treasure trove for historical wargamers, offering an immersive experience of the Kursk battle, one of the most significant confrontations of World War II.

The Kursk Starter Set: An Overview

The Flames of War- Kursk Starter Set is a comprehensive package that provides everything you need to recreate the intense battles of the Kursk campaign. The set includes meticulously detailed miniatures, terrain pieces, and a rulebook packed with historical information and game rules. Whether you're a seasoned wargamer or a beginner, this set offers a fantastic entry point into the Flames of War series.

The Miniatures: Detail and Quality

One of the standout features of the Flames of War- Kursk Starter Set is the quality of the miniatures. Each piece is carefully crafted to represent the soldiers, tanks, and artillery that were pivotal in the Kursk battle. The set also includes a painting guide, which is a valuable resource for those looking to bring their miniatures to life with historically accurate colors and details.

Gameplay: Strategy and Tactics

The Flames of War series is renowned for its strategic gameplay, and the Kursk Starter Set is no exception. Players must employ careful planning and tactical decision-making to succeed, mirroring the strategic considerations of real-world military commanders. The set includes a variety of scenarios, allowing players to experience different aspects of the Kursk battle.

Historical Context: Kursk in World War II

The Kursk battle was a turning point in World War II, marking the beginning of a series of defeats for Germany on the Eastern Front. The Flames of War- Kursk Starter Set does an excellent job of capturing this historical context, providing players with a deeper understanding of the events and strategies that shaped this pivotal battle.


The Flames of War- Kursk: Complete World War II Starter Set is a must-have for any historical wargamer. With its high-quality miniatures, strategic gameplay, and rich historical context, it offers an engaging and educational experience. Whether you're a veteran wargamer or new to the hobby, this set is sure to provide hours of enjoyment.