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Flame Of War

Flames of War - German: Panzer Kampfgruppe

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Flames of War: Unleashing the German Panzer Kampfgruppe


The world of tabletop wargaming is vast and diverse, with countless games and miniatures to choose from. One game that stands out for its historical accuracy and tactical depth is Flames of War. Today, we're going to delve into one of the most formidable forces in the game - the German Panzer Kampfgruppe.

The Might of the Panzer Kampfgruppe

The Panzer Kampfgruppe, or armored battle group, was a key component of the German army during World War II. These units were composed of a mix of tanks, infantry, and artillery, all working together to deliver a devastating punch to the enemy. In Flames of War, the Panzer Kampfgruppe is represented with a high degree of historical accuracy, making it a favorite choice for players who value realism in their games.

Tactics and Strategies

When playing with the Panzer Kampfgruppe, it's important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of this force. The German tanks are powerful and well-armored, but they can be vulnerable to flanking attacks and anti-tank weapons. Therefore, it's crucial to use your infantry and artillery to protect your tanks and set up opportunities for them to strike.

Painting Your Miniatures

One of the joys of tabletop wargaming is the opportunity to paint your own miniatures. The Panzer Kampfgruppe offers a wealth of painting opportunities, from the dark gray of the German tanks to the varied uniforms of the infantry. Check out our Panzer Kampfgruppe Miniatures Painting Guide for tips and techniques to make your miniatures look their best.

Historical Context

Understanding the historical context of the Panzer Kampfgruppe can enhance your enjoyment of the game. These units played a key role in many of the major battles of World War II, and their tactics and equipment evolved over the course of the war. Our German Panzer Kampfgruppe History in Flames of War article provides a detailed look at the history of these units.


Whether you're a seasoned veteran of Flames of War or a newcomer to the game, the German Panzer Kampfgruppe offers a challenging and rewarding gaming experience. With its mix of powerful tanks, versatile infantry, and supporting artillery, this force can take on any opponent and emerge victorious.