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Flame Of War

Flames of War - Germany: Sturmtiger Assault Howitzer Platoon

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Package Includes: The Flames of War Sturmtiger Assault Howitzer Platoon, WW2 German - Late War Miniatures Game includes two Sturmtiger (38cm Rocket) Assault Howitzers, one decal sheet, and historical significance as they were attached to the 6. SS-Panzer Armee during the Ardennes offensive.
Versatile Engagement: The Sturmtiger assault howitzers and army guys and tanks were designed for a specific purpose but found themselves engaged in various combat situations during the war. This versatility adds depth and strategic options to Flames of War battles.
Historical Accuracy: The flames of war starter set represents an authentic and historically significant unit from World War II. By including ww2 toy guns and others models in your collection, you can recreate battles and engagements with a high level of accuracy and immerse yourself in the historical context.
Durability: The war ii game plastic material used in the kit ensures the models' durability. They are sturdy and resistant to breakage, allowing for long-lasting gameplay and display. Increase your interest in ww2 model tank army toy set.
Customer Service: Starters battlefront is renowned for its exceptional customer service, offering responsive support and technical assistance to ensure customer satisfaction throughout their Flame of War journey.