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Flame Of War

Flames of War - Germany: Waffen-SS Panther Kampfgruppe

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Flames of War: A Deep Dive into the Waffen-SS Panther Kampfgruppe


Welcome to another exciting blog post from Wargames Delivered, your trusted source for all things related to tabletop wargaming and miniature gaming goods. Today, we're going to take a close look at one of the most intriguing sets in the Flames of War series - the Germany: Waffen-SS Panther Kampfgruppe.

The Waffen-SS Panther Kampfgruppe: An Overview

The Waffen-SS Panther Kampfgruppe is a fascinating set that brings to life one of the most formidable units of the German Army during World War II. The set includes meticulously detailed miniatures that represent the Waffen-SS, an elite division known for their fierce fighting skills and the iconic Panther tanks that were a staple of their armored divisions.

WWII Miniature Wargaming with Waffen-SS Panther Kampfgruppe

One of the key attractions of the Flames of War series is the opportunity it provides for WWII miniature wargaming. The Waffen-SS Panther Kampfgruppe set takes this experience to a whole new level. The set allows players to recreate some of the most intense battles of the war, with the Waffen-SS Panther Kampfgruppe at the heart of the action.

Painting Your Waffen-SS Panther Kampfgruppe Miniatures

The Waffen-SS Panther Kampfgruppe set includes a variety of miniatures that offer a rewarding painting experience. Whether you're a seasoned painter or a beginner, our Waffen-SS Panther Kampfgruppe Miniatures Painting Guide can help you bring these miniatures to life with historically accurate colors and details.

Historical Wargaming with Flames of War Waffen-SS Panther Kampfgruppe

The Flames of War series is renowned for its historical accuracy, and the Waffen-SS Panther Kampfgruppe set is no exception. From the design of the miniatures to the scenarios that players can recreate, this set offers a deep dive into the history of the Waffen-SS Panther Kampfgruppe during World War II.


The Flames of War - Germany: Waffen-SS Panther Kampfgruppe is a must-have for any historical wargamer. Whether you're interested in the history of World War II, enjoy the challenge of painting detailed miniatures, or love the strategic gameplay that Flames of War offers, this set is sure to provide hours of enjoyment.