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Flame Of War

Flames of War - USA: Airborne Jeep Recon Patrol

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Great Experience: The plastic model kit provides hobbyists and wargamers with the opportunity to assemble and customize their miniatures, adding a personal touch to their war gaming experience through this army toy set.
Package Includes: The Flames of War Airborne Recon Section army guys and tanks ww2 games includes four plastic jeeps with .50 caliber machine guns. Starters battlefront is a fantastic addition to any Flames of War collection.
Unit Card for Easy Integration: The unit card specifies the unit's characteristics, such as movement, firepower. This flames of war book contains special rules, for easy integration into the War game system.
Historical Accuracy: The flames of war starter set provides an opportunity to recreate and pay homage to the historical accuracy of World War II. The jeeps and machine guns are meticulously designed to resemble the vehicles used by airborne forces during that time period, army toy set allowing players to immerse themselves in the historical context.
Great Customer Service: We prioritize customer satisfaction and go above and beyond to ensure a positive experience. Strive to ensure a positive experience throughout your Flames of War miniature games journey.