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German Reiters with Carbines STLs

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These are DIGITAL files meant for 3D printing. They ARE NOT physical miniatures!

Sculpted by the incomparable Erramir Orlan of Peculiar Companions, these German Reiters with carbines are intended for armies from the 15th and 16th Centuries. The 3D models in this set come in three variations. All models come as both pre-supported and unsupported STL files.

As the epoch of the Renaissance unfolded, the German Reiters, known for their tactical adaptability, incorporated firearms into their arsenal. While initially renowned for their wheel-lock pistols, the evolution of warfare saw some Reiters equip themselves with carbines - longer-barreled firearms offering better range and accuracy.

Throughout the 15th and 16th centuries, the German states, fragmented within the Holy Roman Empire, frequently sought the skills of these versatile cavalrymen. Their unique combination of armor, mobility, and firearms made them a valuable asset on the tumultuous battlefields of Europe.

Armed with carbines, Reiters often engaged in skirmishing, using the longer range of their firearms to harass and disrupt enemy formations before the main lines clashed. Unlike their pistol-wielding counterparts, who employed the "caracole" tactic, carbine-armed Reiters could deal damage from a safer distance, thus adding a layer of tactical depth to the battlefield.

Their prowess was notably displayed during the various conflicts of the Holy Roman Empire, including the Schmalkaldic War. Beyond German borders, their services were in demand during the Italian Wars, the Eighty Years' War, and the French Wars of Religion.

Printing at 100% resolution will yield a true 28mm miniature. Prints at 105% are slightly more in scale with Perry Miniatures and 110% prints will be in a compatible scale with Warhammer Fantasy miniatures.