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Warlord Games

Hail Caesar Rulebook

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Hail Caesar is a game for those whom the gods have marked for glory – for men who do not quail at the sight of barbarian hordes nor quibble with what fate decrees at the roll of a dice. It is unashamedly a game of model soldiers, fought with miniature armies representing warriors of ancient times, be they the tramping legions of Rome, bronze-clad Greeks, the clattering chariotry of Egypt, or whatever age or subject happens to inspire our interest and endeavours. Our ambition is to breath life into the warriors and tales of former days; to paint a picture that lacks nothing of the colour and splendour of an era long past; even if imagination alone must paint the hue and cry of battle, the whistling flight of arrows, and the flash of plunging spears.

So let us consult the oracles and make ready to meet with destiny upon the tabletop battlefield. Be sure that our battles will be as dramatic and hard fought as those of our forebears. And though our efforts may never topple tyrants nor change history’s long run course, let us summon forth the ghosts of Hannibal, of Xerxes, Alexander and even Caesar himself, to stand at our shoulders, watch and – hopefully – approve.

Before the din of battle drowns out all other voices let us finally recall that we stand as comrades in arms: united in purpose, led by the same enthusiasm for the world of ancient battles and for the companionship of our fellows.