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Mantic Entertainment Ltd.

Kings of War 3E: Forest Troll Gunners Regiment

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The Forest of Kharne and the swamps to the east of Yangmere are home to small tribes of forest trolls that have migrated from their traditional haunt to find a new home. The trolls themselves love a good fight and in times of need the halflings are able to recruit some of their most willing youngsters with the promise of adventure and the inevitable (although stomach-churning) feast that follows a glorious victory. The cunning halflings soon realised that there's a good degree of safety to be had by riding on the back of a hungry killing machine where the enemy can't reach you, but you can point a very large gun at them if they get too close.Resin components.Contents:3 Miniatures  ‣ 3 Forest Trolls Gunners3 Square MDF Bases (40mm)Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly are required.