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Mantic Entertainment Ltd.

Kings of War 3E: Armada Acrylic Bases Set

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2 x Tiny: 30mm x 30mm, 3 x Small: 50mm x 30mm, 3 x Medium: 70mm x 30mm, 2 x Large: 100mm x 30mm, 1 x Extra Large: 125mm x 30mm
  • Armada Acrylic Bases Set
  • Armada: Acrylic Bases by MANTIC ENTERTAINMENT LTD.
  • Contents: 2 x Tiny (30mm x 30mm), 3 x Small (50mm x 30mm)
  • 3 x Medium (70mm x 30mm), 2 x Large (100mm x 30mm), 1 x Extra Large (125mm x 30mm)
  • brand: Mantic Games