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The Army Painter

The Army Painter - Wargamers Mega Paint Set

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Don't miss out on this INCREDIBLE Set of 60 Meticulously Selected Paints for Beginners and Enthusiasts Wargame Painters - Plus 100 FREE Rust-Free Mixing Balls!

  • WHILE OTHER PAINT SETS REQUIRE EXTENSIVE SHAKING - Our rust-free mixing balls allow you to stir up pigments that settle at the bottom to get perfect consistency in less time and with less work
  • WORRIED ABOUT PAINTS DRYING OUT? - Unlike brands who use paint pots, we added enough medium and designed our bottles with dropper caps to limit the airflow and preserve paints for the long haul
  • HEAVY PIGMENTS & CREAMY CONSISTENCY - allow for excellent coverage, fewer coats, and no loss of detail on your mini. Includes 60 Warpaints: 43 acrylic miniatures paints, 5 metallics, 7 quick shade washes, and 5 effects paints
  • GET MORE PAINT AND STILL SAVE - Our paints come in above average 18ml bottles at half the price of popular brands, who only sell 12ml bottles of paint that tend to dry out quickly.

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