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Paasche Airbrush Company

TG-100D Airbrush Package (TG-3AS, D500SR And AC-7)

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This kit combines the Paasche double action TG-3F, D500SR compressor, and AC-7 cleaning kit. The TG gravity feed airbrush is for airbrushers that require very fine detail spraying. The three-spray head allow the airbrusher to spray almost any paint for most applications. The special fan aircap also allows for broader coverage of up to 3-inch. The compressor delivery 20-40 PSI depending in spray head being used.
  • TG Airbrush Package: This Package combines the Paasche TG-3F, D500SR compressor, and AC-7 cleaning kit
  • TG Airbrush: TG is both double action airbrush and gravity feed airbrush
  • D500SR Compressor: Compressor with regulator and auto shutoff
  • Airbrush Cleaning Kit: 7-piece airbrush cleaning kit. Can be used to clean any airbrush
  • Paasche Airbrush Kit: Great advance kit