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Russian Foot Command STLs

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These are DIGITAL files meant for 3D printing. They ARE NOT physical miniatures!

Sculpted by the incomparable Erramir Orlan of Peculiar Companions, these Russian Foot Command are intended for armies from the 15th and 16th Centuries. This set of 3D models comes with a dismounted commander, standard bearer and drummer. All models come as both pre-supported and unsupported STL files.

Russian Foot Commanders of the 15th and 16th centuries were central figures in the organization and execution of infantry tactics. Their leadership on the battlefield was crucial to achieving victories during this transformative period in Russian military history.

Tactics and Strategies: Russian Foot Commanders were masters of infantry tactics, formations, and battlefield strategy. They directed troops in disciplined pike formations, coordinated missile volleys, and devised strategies for both offensive and defensive actions. Their ability to inspire and lead infantry units set them apart as commanders of distinction.

Notable Battles:

Siege of Kazan (1552): Russian Foot Commanders, under the leadership of Ivan the Terrible, played a pivotal role in the Siege of Kazan. Their strategic guidance and command of infantry units contributed significantly to the successful capture of the city.

Livonian War (1558-1583): Throughout the Livonian War, Russian Foot Commanders led infantry units in various battles and sieges against the Livonian Confederation and Sweden. Their expertise in infantry tactics and battlefield leadership were essential in this prolonged conflict.
Historical Events:

Ivan the Terrible's Reign: Ivan IV, also known as Ivan the Terrible, reigned during the 16th century and relied on Russian Foot Commanders to maintain and expand his territories. His campaigns in the Livonian War and other military endeavors showcased the enduring importance of these skilled commanders.

Military Reform and Modernization: The 15th and 16th centuries saw significant developments in Russian military organization and tactics. Russian Foot Commanders were at the forefront of these changes, helping to shape a more modern and effective military force.

Printing at 100% resolution will yield a true 28mm miniature. Prints at 105% are slightly more in scale with Perry Miniatures and 110% prints will be in a compatible scale with Warhammer Fantasy miniatures.