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Paasche Airbrush Company

Paasche Airbrush T-227-2 Airbrush Spray Head, High Quality Needle & Aircap for For TG, TGX, RG & TS Airbrush Sprayer

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High Performance: The Airbrush Spray Head is a specialized component designed specifically for use with airbrush sprayers. This spray head is crafted with precision to ensure compatibility and optimal performance with airbrushes.
Easy Installation: Installing and replacing the spray head in airbrush sprayer is straightforward process, allowing for easy maintenance and hassle-free operation. Air brush gun only has user-friendly design enables artists to quickly swap out the spray head when needed, ensuring uninterrupted workflow and minimizing downtime.
Package Includes: Airbrush spray head/Tip Size 2 (.38mm), Needle & Aircap that works with Paasche TG, TS, TGX & RG series airbrushes.
Excellent Atomization: The T-227-2 Spray Head is designed to deliver excellent atomization, resulting in fine and smooth spray patterns. This ensures even distribution of paint particles, minimizing issues such as overspray or uneven application.
Customer Service: Paasche Airbrush is renowned for its exceptional customer service, offering responsive support and technical assistance to ensure customer satisfaction throughout their airbrush air paint sprayer journey.