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The Army Painter

The Army Painter - Terrain Bundle (All Basing Materials, Tufts, Hot Wire Cutter and XPS Gamemaster Foam Board)

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A collection of ALL Army Painter Basing and Tufts, Gamemaster Foam Board, and the Gamemaster Hot Wire Cutter


  • 8 Battlefield Basings
  • 12 Battlefield Tufts
  • GameMaster XPS Scenery Foam Pack
  • GameMaster Hot Wire Foam Cutter

  • ELEVATE YOUR MINIS - Create miniature scenery bases with these model basing materials.
  • SUPER REALISTIC LOOK - Turn your miniatures into true works of art with The Army Painter tufts & grass
  • WHAT FOR? - Ideal for 15mm & 28mm miniatures, military dioramas, railway sceneries & terrain model kit
  • NO MORE MESSY FOAM CUTTING - The Hot Wire Foam Cutter cuts through Polystyrene and XPS foam with accuracy and ease.
  • EASY TO OPERATE WITH ONE HAND - Simply press the activation button with your thumb and start cutting your styrofoam board.
  • MINIMAL FOAM BOARD LOSS - The 0.19mm thin heated hotwire allows for very fine levels of detail.
  • SAFETY PRECAUTIONS - The hot foam wire cutter can reach 300℃/572℉, allowing it to easily cut.
  • HIGH QUALITY FOAM - The XPS Scenery & Terrain Foam Booster Pack contains pure high quality XPS foam boards. XPS foam is the scenery building material preferred by experienced terrain and scenery builders. The styrofoam sheets are sturdy and very dense, allowing for superb crisp details when cut and embossed with texture.
  • OPTIMAL SIZE FOR SCENERY - The foam is supplied in sizes of about 20x30cm and 30x40cm, each foam board 1cm in thickness. If you need thicker pieces, you can safely glue boards together using PVA glue.

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