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The Army Painter

The Army Painter 2-Piece Precision Tweezers Set

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Do you want hobby tools that work? The Army Painter Tweezers Set is the answer!

With the right length, width, texture, and profile, the model tweezers in this set can make you a real pro in miniature assembling and model painting.

You've always thought that there should be a touch of grip in the ends to hold small parts and decals when building, improving and painting miniatures. The flat tweezers are simply the answer to picking up plastic parts. Want hair, mustaches, eyelashes, eyebrows on your models? What are you waiting for? Pick them up with these tweezers and glue them!

You want your models and dioramas decorated with tufts but you always end up with glued fingers. No problem! Grab the tuft with the sharp tweezer and glue it. The result? The tuft is where it should be, your fingers are clean and you've saved more time for gaming!