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The Army Painter

The Army Painter - Battlefield: Metal Razowire Basing, 4 meters

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You want to add impressive details and realism to the bases of your miniatures, military diorama or wargaming terrain? And you are searching for something that turns heads but is achieved quickly and easily? Don't search anymore. The Army Painter Battlefields Essentials can provide the best addition to your terrain materials.

The battlefield wire is very easy to apply. All you need is roll it around a brush handle and glue it to the base. Everything after that is up to your imagination and goals. You may spray it, paint it, combine with The Army Painter rocks, basing sand, static grass, snow flock, grass tufts or whatever you have in your base set.

Each box comes with 4m rolled razor wire to use it for achieving Sci-Fi, fantasy, after-war and other horrifying effects on wargame terrains and dioramas.

Note: Never cut the razor wire with The Army Painter Plastic Frame Cutter! Use the Precision Side Cutter instead.

Warning: Keep away from little children and pets!