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The Army Painter

The Army Painter - Battlefield Basing: Razorwire

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  • SUPER REALISTIC LOOK-Turn your miniatures into true works of art with The Army Painter tufts & grass
  • EASY-TO-STORE -Comes as a 4m roll in a plastic box, for easy storage & to keep away from little kids
  • FANTASTIC MINIATURE BASE KIT - Gives the desired effect with minimal to almost no effort.
  • MINIATURE SCENERY AT ITS BEST -This steel wire, imitating razor wire gives the effect of a war-torn setting
  • EASY-TO-USE-Use large brush to roll the wire. Add super glue onto the base of the model & stick the wire
  • HANDY PACKAGE - Unlike other scenic static grass, our basing material comes in a 150 ml box
  • WHAT FOR?-Ideal for 15mm & 28mm miniatures, military dioramas, railway scenery & terrain model kit
  • GREAT BARBED WIRE DETAIL - Great solution for barbed wire in war scenarios and battlefield crimes.
  • ESSENTIAL BASING MATERIAL - Use this metal wire to complete the basing of your Warhammer scenery
  • BRING YOUR PAINTED MINIS TO THE NEXT LEVEL - Pair your painted minis with The Army Painter grass.

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