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The Army Painter

The Army Painter - Battlefield Basing: Rocks

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You want to add details and realism to the bases of your miniatures, military diorama or wargaming terrain? And you are searching for something life-like and easy to apply? Don't search anymore. The Army Painter Battlefields Essentials can provide the best addition to your basing materials.

The battlefield rocks are very easy to apply. All you need is glue the base and fix the rocks. Depending on your imagination and goals the cork battlefield rocks will be enough to decorate over 100 model bases. Being a natural material it is long-lasting and provides a good starting point for all types of customization. You can combine the rocks with bsing sand, model grass, snow flock, grass tufts, wire.

Each box comes with 150ml cork stones in different sizes and shapes for the perfect customization of any base, warhammer terrain or diorama. Can also be painted any color to resemble any climate or setting.

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