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The Army Painter

The Army Painter - Tufts: Frozen

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  • BRING YOUR PAINTED MINIS TO THE NEXT LEVEL - Use The Army Painter tufts to compliment your brilliantly painted miniatures by adding a touch of scenery to them. The Army Painter tufts come in a wide variety of styles allowing you to add a touch of desiccated wasteland grass or tall highland grass depending on your chosen environment. Perfect for your Warhammer, Star Wars, Dungeons and Dragons, etc. models
  • APPLY WITH EASE - Tufts are easy to use. Simply remove your chosen model grass tufts from the pad, add a little Super Glue or Basing Glue to the underside, and place it on your chosen spot on your miniature base or terrain model. Tufts are added as a final touch, after you have painted and varnished your model
  • DIORAMA SUPPLIES FOR YOUR PROJECTS-Create miniature scenery bases with these model basing materials. Tufts are very easily applicable, and can be used to add details to your battlefields as well as your individual miniatures. The tuft design makes them easy to handle, and doesn't generate the mess regular Static Grass and Flock usually risk doing.
  • A PACKAGE OF PLENTY - You get 77 tufts in this package. 12 large tufts, 35 medium tufts, and 30 small tufts allowing plenty variety for your basing and scenery needs.
  • COLLECT MORE - Choose from the wide range of terrain model kit, The Army Painter tufts and basing sets. Add ultra realistic and cool effects to any wargaming base and models. If you want to make an army a cut above the rest - look through the The Army Painter Tufts for just that!
  • THE ARMY PAINTER -Aims to help you get awesome painted models & hyper-realistic wargaming diorama in no time. The Battlefields tufts are designed to give unlimited options to any wargamer, when he decides on what type of bases the miniatures should have.
  • WHAT FOR? – Ideal for all 15mm and 28mm miniatures, military dioramas, railway scenery, and any wargame terrain. It is the perfect gift for kids and adults interested in board games, model building, and miniature painting. What could be a better gift for a guy with such a hobby than this Warhammer 40k terrain kit?
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Every miniature basing material diorama tuft in this pack has the well-known quality of The Army Painter. It just makes your basing experience so much easier.
  • ACT AS A PRO - Turn your miniatures into true works of art. Make your bases look realistic and highly detailed. These tufts are best paired with The Army Painter Battlefield basing for stunning effects: Basing: Brown Battleground, Basing Snow, Grass Green, Field Grass, Steppe Grass, Summer Undergrowth, Battlefield Rocks, and Battlefield Razorwire.
  • BORN FROM GAMING – The Army Painter is the brainchild of wargaming and painting veterans of many years Bo Penstoft and Jonas Færing – We wanted to produce the paints and accessories that could have carried us all the way from the level of novice to experienced painters and gamers when we first started out. With The Army Painter our aim is to help you get awesome painted models on the table, and still get more time for gaming

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