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The Army Painter

Wargames Delivered Brush Selection - Miniature Detail Brushes, Miniature Paint Brushes and Model Paint Brushes

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From large to extremely fine pointed tip, this detailing brush set has an assortment of acrylic paint brushes to help any wargamer speed paint to a high-standard finish without breaking a bank

• 15 MODEL BRUSHES: highlighting, basecoating, drybrushing and detail painting miniatures & terrains

• STRONG BRISTLES THAT RETAIN SHAPE: Fine hair army painter brushes hold paint excellently

 FROM LARGE TO POINTED TIP: Wide range of model paint brushes for plastic models for any roleplayer

 CREATE THE PERFECT BATTLEFIELD: Gamemaster model paint brushes are designed for building terrains

 GET PROFESSIONAL RESULTS: Dome tipped drybrushes exceed effects of ordinary miniature paint brushes