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The Army Painter

The Army Painter Drill Bit Set

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Do you want a realistic army after a heroic battle? Do you plan to magnetize the weapon options instead of gluing them and swap out different features to face different enemies?

No problem! With The Army Painter Drill Bits in conjunction with the Miniature and Model Hand Drill, you have an indispensable assistant in turning your models into real masterpieces. The precision pin vise and the wide range of twist drill bits allow you to make holes in all kinds of plastic, resin and metal miniatures, in Warhammer scenery and diorama supplies. Imitate bullet holes and gun barrels, it's easy now. Make holes and glue magnets in them to have miniatures with moving legs and hands or replaceable weapons, this is a matter of imagination. Pin larger details of miniatures together making holes and using wire, nobody's going to have like yours.

The Pin Vise Drill Bit Set Includes:

1. 2 x 0.7mm drill bits;

2. 2 x 0.9mm drill bits;

3. 1 x 1mm drill bit;

4. 1 x 1.2mm drill bit;

5. 1 x 1.5mm drill bit;

6. 1 x 2mm drill bit;

7. 1 x 2.5mm drill bit;

8. 1 x 3mm drill bit;

9. Red storage box with transparent lid.