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The Army Painter

The Army Painter - Flat Paint Brush

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The Army Painter Vehicle/Terrain Brush is the perfect detail paint brush to add highlights on big miniatures with rough, highly textured surfaces, such as tree barks, vehicles, monsters and sceneries, the easy and fast way.

Unlike miniature paint brushes with round bristles that can be quickly damaged when used for drybrushing, the Vehicle/Terrain miniatures paint brush is rather designed with thick, flat and super stiff head. With this shape of the drybrush, you can easily wipe off paint and remove the majority of moisture so you get most of the dry pigments (this is why it's called dry brushing).

The round handle is handmade of wood to assure durability. The whole acrylic paint brush is lightweight on the hand for easy maneuverability.

With a durable ferrule, the bristles are tightly held together to prevent fraying even with regular use.

Handmade in Europe. Bristles are made from the finest Toray synthetic hair that can take the hard beating of the drybrushing technique and highlighting of armies of miniatures.