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The Army Painter

The Army Painter - Wargamer Brush: Kolinsky Masterclass Brush

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The Army Painter Masterclass Kolinsky fine paint brush for acrylic painting, miniature painting, and watercolor painting is nothing short of excellent from its solid durability, precision, and premium quality sable bristles to its ergonomically designed handle and thoughtful protective bristle cover.

This fine detail brush is as indispensable as it comes for an advanced and professional painter?s arsenal of miniature painting tools.

HANDMADE IN GERMANY with only the best natural sable hair from the Siberian marten, The Army Painter Masterclass Painting Brush ticks off all the boxes that a miniature hobbyist desires the most.

TRIANGULAR HANDLE for a more comfortable grip and more controlled movement. The lacquer finish is evidently luxurious and the length is perfect at 11.8 inches.

MORE AFFORDABLE YET THE SAME QUALITY as other red Kolinsky sable brushes for acrylic, watercolor and miniature painting.

Long sable bristles, full rounded belly and sharp point all make up for excellent feedback and holding the right amount of paint so you won't have to do a lot of dipping just to finish one area of a mini.

Paint flows consistently, which makes the brush great for layering while the firm yet flexible tip makes it superior for detailing, blending and feathering.

CARE TIP: Keep the ferrule clean. Condition your miniature paint brushes with regular hair conditioner to help restore moisture of the bristles; you?ll find they hold a nicer point for a lot longer as well

  • BRISTLES MADE OF PURE KOLINSKY SABLE HAIR - It is every hobbyist’s desire to own Kolinsky sable brushes for their superb quality. The bristles of this Masterclass detail paint brush are made of select Kolinsky red sable hair of Siberian marten
  • HOLDS SHAPE AND SNAPS EFFORTLESSLY - Our Kolinsky acrylic, oil, and watercolor brush quickly resumes its shape after each brush stroke and gives you better control of the amount of paint you put on a small area of a model
  • ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED, WELL-BALANCED HANDLE - This Kolinsky brush has a seamless silver clasp that ensures the bristles stay intact; balances in the hand comfortably. The ergonomic shaped triangular handle features a luxurious black lacquer with silver tip
  • COMES WITH A CLEAR PROTECTIVE CAP - The Army Painter Kolinsky sable paintbrush is well protected from warehouse storage, while on transit and all the way to your home. Proudly made in Germany
  • PAINTS MINIS LIKE A DREAM - With a needle-point shape and fantastic feedback, paint evenly flows from each bristle of this Kolinsky miniature brush. The tip glides across your mini’s surface as smooth as silk, making it feel much easier to do even the finest details
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