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The Army Painter

The Army Painter Miniature and Model Files Set

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Because scouting for the right mini tools can take a good deal of time and money, The Army Painter brings together the most commonly used file shapes round, flat and triangular in this special Miniature and Model Files Set.


No paint job can cover up an uneven finish. While you can opt for sanding sticks to prepare your armies of miniatures before washing and priming them for painting, but they take time and may leave rough surfaces.

Hobby knives or traditional steel files may remove mold lines from metal miniatures, but may easily damage plastic or resin minis that are cast with much more delicate materials.

Each Army Painter file is specialized with a very fine, even grit for the smoothest finish you can gloriously run your hands on. They also work perfectly on metal, resin, and plastic, so you don't have to worry about damaging something you're working carefully on.


Tried and tested in the gaming community for years, these Army Painter mini tools are arguably the best value needle files on the market today compared to the more expensive jeweler files.

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