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The Army Painter

The Army Painter - Wargamer Brush: Monster Brush

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The Army Painter Wargaming Monster Brush, taking the guesswork out of wondering what model paint brush would be ideal for larger models.

The Army Painter is proud to present its top quality and complete range of miniature painting brushes. Evolutionary in its design and with the right price, these model brushes are arguably the best value model paint brushes in the industry.

The Monster Brush has the right size for any larger models such as Dragons, Trolls, Warmachines and Vehicles.

This model paint brush is made from the finest Toray synthetic hairs, the better material than sable hairs for certain miniature painting tasks. A sable brush of this size could potentially drown a miniature in paint, whereas the Toray releases the paint slower.

Special purpose fine synthetic paint brushes with comfortable wooden handles for absolutely perfect grip. The round brushes from The Army Painter, including this Monster Brush, are top-end and each has the correct hair type for its purpose.

TIP: Prevent dried paint from stiffening your acrylic paint brush by removing the paint where ferrule meets the bristles.

Model No: BR7008

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