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The Army Painter

The Army Painter Project Paint Station

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It is always good to get some help with your paint organization and storage. The Army Painter Project Paint Station was purposefully designed to bring order to your work area, saving you time and unnecessary efforts. Being a complex hobby organizer, this hobby work station provides miniatures paint bottle storage, a brushes holder, put on the right place, and a safe cut nest for your water cup to prevent spilling of water on your project. But that’s not all! It provides space for your miniatures and if you put this craft station on a flat surface, you can use it as a painting table. It's especially comfortable if you have little space. After painting, you can store it on a shelf, in a cupboard or under the bed. 


Unlike the other paint stands and brush holders, which are beige to brown in color, The Army Painter project station is white and provides a clear light background for your miniatures, making easy for you to see every detail. In case you spill water or paint, just clean the board with a wet cloth. Because of the sealed surface, it will not absorb water, swell or twist.


Like all other miniature paint organizers & holders on the market, before using it, the project paint station needs to be assembled. This process is fast and easy. All you need is superglue or any PVA glue. We have no doubt that painting armies of miniatures Is much more difficult but you are great at this job! So, you'll cope with the assembly.


Disclaimer: The product DOES NOT INCLUDE glue, tools, cups, paints, and miniatures.

  • HIGHLY ORGANIZED WORK STATION – The Army Painter Project Paint Station is the perfect model paint organizer to have your Warpaints and paintbrushes within easy reach and well sorted for your painting projects
  • PAINT HOLDER WITH COMFORTABLE DESIGN – This model paint rack is designed to hold 30 paints, 7 paint brushes and 1 brush rinse water cup. The painting stands attractively displays every miniature paint so that you can see the labels on the dropper bottles
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, COMPACT, PORTABLE – The Army Painter Paint Station is made of laser cut MDF. It’s light and compact for easy storage, but still has space enough for many miniatures. With this storage stand, you’ll have the best-organized hobby zone
  • ASSEMBLY NEEDED – This portable workstation is easy to assemble. Use superglue or any PVA glue. Glue, tools, and cup are not included
  • FREE PAINTING GUIDE – The painting station comes with the original Painting Guide of The Army Painter giving you some tips and tricks for painting miniatures and explaining the unique speed-painting technique by The Army Painter