The Army Painter Plastic Assembly Set

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High Quality, Affordable Price!

The Army Painter Plastic Assembly Kit is an all-in-one set of the basic modeling tools for starting wargamers. Carefully selected, they will provide everything necessary for assembling any miniature or model.

Included Tools:

1. The Army Painter Plastic Frame Cutter;

2. The Army Painter Hobby Knife;

2. The Army Painter Plastic Glue - 24 ml;

4. The WARGAMERS Assembly & Safety Guide of The Army Painter - FREE.

With this model building tool kit, you don't need to choose between price and quality because you have them both. The model tools and the glue are of superior quality and cost less than the sum of the single prices.

Please, read carefully the instructions before using the tools. Keep in mind that The Army Painter Hobby Knife is an extremely sharp scalpel and can take off a finger if you are not careful. Use the glue outdoors or in a well-ventilated area.

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