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The Army Painter

The Army Painter Miniature and Model Sculpting Tools

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Because scouting for the right mini tools can take a good deal of time and money, The Army Painter brings together the most commonly used sculpting tip shapes in this special Miniature and Model Sculpting Tool Kit.


No paint job can cover up mold lines and an uneven finish. You can opt for sanding or filing but sometimes this simply does not work. So heal your model using green stuff modeling putty and this clay sculpting model tool kit. Or free your imagination and turn the miniature into something unseen so far.

Each sculpting tool by The Army Painter is specialized, with two different tips. The tools work equally well on polymer clay, epoxy putty, ceramic clay, wax, etc.


Tried and tested in the gaming community for years, these Army Painter mini tools are arguably the best value sculpting tools on the market today compared to the more expensive big sets with things you never use.

Sharp! Keep away from little children and pets!

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