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The Army Painter

The Army Painter - Speedpaints: Medium (18ml/0.6oz)

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The Army Painter Speedpaint Medium is an innovative resin medium solution that allows you to thin your Speedpaints to your desired consistency. Making techniques like glazing and tinting easy. Speedpaint Medium comes in our specially designed spill-free dropper bottle and with two steel Mixing Balls already preloaded using it couldnt be easier.
  • CREATE STUNNING ARMIES IN NO TIME - We have created Speedpaints to help hobbyists all over the globe get their fully painted miniatures on to the gaming tables as fast as possible.
  • EASY TO USE - The all-in-one Warpaint Speedpaint is truly a one-coat painting solution. Simply apply one rich coat of Speedpaint directly over a primed miniature and you are done!
  • YOUR WAY INTO GAMING - Speedpaint was designed to be usable with any tabletop gaming system and as an ideal entrypoint to the world of miniature painting for beginners.
  • PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS - With Speedpaint, you can easily bring your miniatures to life, especially as a complete beginner. The Speedpainting process is easy and intuitive - just apply the appropriate colour on the surface you want - it's just like colouring inside the lines!
  • BORN FROM GAMING – The Army Painter is the brainchild of wargaming and painting veterans of many years Bo Penstoft and Jonas Færing: We wanted to produce the paints and accessories that could have carried us all the way from the level of novice to experienced painters and gamers when we first started out. With The Army Painter our aim is to help you get awesome painted models on the table, and still get more time for Gaming!