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The Army Painter

The Army Painter - Speedpaint Wargamers Mega Paint Set

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What happens when you take our top-selling Mega Paint set and add 10 additional colours? You get the Speedpaint Wargamer Edition Paint Set. Inside you’ll find 60 one-coat paints in total, including 4 industry-first Speedpaint Metallics, and a bottle of Speedpaint Medium. Every bottle features our industry-leading formulation with an advanced resin base, which makes this the most versatile one-coat paint ever made! Easy, fast colour and shadow for a beginner with high-performing potential for even the most advanced painter.

This set comes with a FREE brush inside! 

60x 18ml Speedpaints:

  • 4 Speedpaint Metallics
  • 1 Medium 

1 Speedpaint Brush