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The Army Painter

The Army Painter - Starter Airbrush Paint Set and Airbrush Thinner

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  • THE ESSENTIAL STARTER AIRBRUSH PAINT SET: This starter air brush paint set comes with 12 airbrush paints preloaded with paint mixing balls plus 1 100ml bottle of matt grey and 1 100ml bottle of airbrush medium.
  • PAINT YOUR MODELS FASTER WITHOUT LOSING QUALITY: The paints are of unparalleled quality due to the nature of the high coverage offered by the specially chosen and ultra-filtered vibrant pigments. This, combined with a very stable and matchless resin solution, is paint science at its best!
  • MATCHES WITH WARPAINTS ACRYLICS: The Warpaints Air range has been developed in a unique and innovative Triad System - each matching Warpaints Acrylics colour has a corresponding Base and Highlight colour. This makes highlighting and zenithal shading a breeze and army painting even faster and more cohesive.
  • HIGHLY PIGMENTED PAINTS: Featuring non-toxic warpaints with heavy pigments for optimal coverage, allowing you to paint with fewer layers for a quicker paint application.