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The Army Painter

The Army Painter Super Hobby Collection

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EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR THE MINIATURE PAINTING HOBBY! No matter what kind of miniature painting hobby project you have got on-hand this selection of paints, tools and basing materials will get you through in style. Be it a massive role-playing campaign the likes of Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder, or your latest Warhammer tabletop army, the Super Hobby Collection kit gives you all the essentials to bring your painted miniatures to the gaming table. Have you ever looked at someone's miniature painting and wished you were as good? PAINTING MINIATURES IS A REWARDING HOBBY! Assembling and painting miniatures takes a standard plastic model and turns it into a piece of art that is uniquely yours ready for your next game. The Super Hobby Collection kit takes you through all the basic stages: HOBBY TOOL KIT: With this comprehensive selection of tools, you will be able to tackle any hobby project big or small. Clipping, cutting, filing and gluing and the kit includes the revolutionary model putty, Green Stuff, for your own modelling additions or miniature conversions (WARNING! The Army Painter toolsare very sharp and should not be used by unsupervised children). PAINTING: This fantastic selection of 20 Warpaints allows you a wide selection of basic colours as well as the essential Brush-On Primer to get started and the protective Anti-Shine Matt Varnish, once your paint job is finished. The selection also includes 3 metallic paints and the award-winning Quickshade Washes for realistic and easy shading. To apply the paint, you get two brushes made in Germany from the finest quality Toray synthetic hair: the Basecoat brush offers the perfect work-horse brush, whereas the Precision Detail brush is great for making detailed highlights on your role play figures and other Warhammer models; it has a sharp tip for those hard-to-reach areas on a miniature.