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The Army Painter

The Army Painter Wargamer Brush: Basecoating Brush Set

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No Shedding, No Fall-out, and No Stray Bristles Handmade in Germany, this model paint brush set is of superb quality. The seamless nickel ferrules wont rust or split, keeping the bristles together. They're double crimped to the handles, so they won't come loose even with frequent use.

Two of the brushes are made from the finest quality Rothmander Sable fibers that hold the right amount of paint efficiently and ensure the smooth flow of paint from the bristles to a miniature. The third has Toray synthetic hairs to prevent the fast flow of paint.

Get Excellent Value for Money! The Army Painter Wargamer Basecoating Brush Set allows you to start your model painting hobby with essential brushes that are packed together and carefully chosen for you, so you won't need to buy individual ones that can cost more money. Get superior-quality artist brushes for Warhammer, 40k, Warmachine, Hordes, Reaper, Dungeons and Dragons or other miniatures from your collection.

Wargamer Regiment Brush  This superb Rothmander Sable brush allows you to paint quickly big swathes of troops and save time for gaming. The sharp tip makes basecoating with this brush really easy and fast.

Wargamer Character Brush The size of this sable brush is ideal for painting single models like unit champions or Heroes as the tip is fine and sharp, enabling the user to apply basecoat and highlights with excellent precision.

Wargamer Monster Brush You wanted the right size for any larger models such as Dragons, Trolls, Warmachines, and Vehicles? Here comes the Monster to let you drybrush, stipple, fill in areas of monster models with ease and without drowning them.

Keep your brushes in great condition! Avoid having paint dry up the ferrule, which can cause the bristles to splay out. This makes it harder to clean the brush later on. Clean your drybrush set with water every after use.

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