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The Army Painter

The Army Painter - Wargamer: Small Drybrush

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Well, you're here because you decided it's time to level up your DRYBRUSHING game!

This model brush is a must-have for the serious painter. You don't have to put up with paint frayed and poorly made miniature brushes anymore. The Small DryBrush is a special-purpose Hobby Brush specifically designed for miniature painters to get the drybrushing technique right on smaller models.

CREATE SPECTACULAR DRYBRUSHING EFFECTS EFFORTLESSLY, LIKE A MASTER! Apply paint to the brush and wipe most of it off in a cloth or tissue. Using small swipes of your wrist, gently move the brush back and forth thus hitting only the raised areas of the miniature.

GET THE RIGHT BRUSH FOR DRYBRUSHING - The nature of this painting technique is damaging to the wrong artist brushes like those expensive ones with bristles that are too soft. Our Hobby Drybrush is a long-handle miniature painters brush made with the ideal bristle-type, allowing you to do drybrushing on your minis much quicker and easier than when you're using a different kind of hobby brushes.

PAINT EVEN MORE STUNNING MINIS THAT ARE WORTH DISPLAYING ON YOUR GAME TABLE - When the drybrushing technique is done properly, you can build up nice highlights and define sharp edges in a jiffy. And the best part is... this small brush HOLDS UP EVEN AFTER MONTHS OF USE!

KEEP YOUR BRUSHES AS GOOD AS WHEN YOU JUST GOT THEM - Always clean your brushes after use, preferably with warm water. Avoid having paint dry up on the bristles and ferrule, as it can cause the bristles to splay over time and the ferrule weakened.

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