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The Army Painter

The Army Painter Wargames Mega Brush Set

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This Fantastic Value Set of 10 Miniature Painting Brushes Includes:

5 Detail Paint Brushes: From small tip to extremely fine bristles, these detail brushes can give you the right size for the accuracy and extra precision you need when working on minuscule and intricate details, such as coloring irises of 28mm miniature eyes.

4 Large Brushes: Made from the best synthetic Toray fibers known for holding paint efficiently and releasing it slower than a sable hair would. These brushes are THE MONSTER, SMALL DRYBRUSH, LARGE DRYBRUSH, and VEHICLE. The 2 Drybrush brushes are smartly designed with a 43-degree angle expert cut, so you won't have to bend your wrist to hit your model with 100% accuracy.

FREE Kolinsky Masterclass Brush: Has a needle-like point; made from Kolinsky Sable hair that's renowned for its softness, flexibility, and perfect snap.

Intact Base and No-stray Bristles: The ferrules are made of strong, rust-resistant nickel that prevents corroding and rotting. They feature a double-wall design that provides a solid attachment to the end of the handle, making sure the brush doesn't wobble while you paint and its structure stays together even with regular use.