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Victory at Sea - Royal Navy Bundle

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A Wargames Delivered Exclusive Bundle containing everything you need to paint your Royal Navy.


The Royal Navy of Great Britain was the world’s greatest navy at the outbreak of the Second World War. However, Britain went to war with mainly First World War-vintage vessels. Since the Royal Navy already possessed many powerful units, construction of the most modern designs was limited. This meant that at the outbreak of World War Two Britain had far more battleships than most other nations, but they had smaller guns than those built to the most modern ships.

In addition to the battleship forces, the Royal Navy maintained a handful of fast battlecruisers – some of them quite old – and aircraft carriers. These were backed up by a strong cruiser force and light forces including destroyers, motor torpedo boats (MTBs) and motor gunboats (MGBs).

4 Aircraft
8 Vessels
Warlord Resin Resin


  • Eagle-class Carrier - HMS Eagle 1940
  • King George V-class Battleship - HMS Duke of York 1943
  • Leander-class cruiser - HMS Neptune 1941
  • Edinburgh-class cruiser - HMS Belfast 1942
  • Dido-class cruiser - HMS Dido 1940
  • Tribal-class Destroyer x3
  • Torpedo-Bomber Aircraft - Fairey Swordfish x4 flights
  • Ship Cards and Damage Sliders
  • Assembly Instructions

Royal Navy Submarines & MTB Sections

7 Vessels
Warlord ResinMetal

Submarines: Designed for use in North European and Mediterranean waters, the S-class was manoeuvrable with a noted ability to crash dive extremely quickly. Combined with a large salvo of torpedoes, this was a successful design of pre-war years that was soon updated and put back into production.

MTBs: The Fairmile A was designed from the outset to use prefabricated components that could be produced by small businesses such as furniture manufacturers, which would then be assembled at shipyards. Capable of 25 knots, it mounted a 3-pounder gun and a pair of .303 machine guns, as well as Depth Charge.

Designed with the form of a destroyer’s hull, the Fairmile B (like its predecessor, the Fairmile A) was intended primarily as a submarine-chaser, and so was fitted with Depth Charge. Manufactured in large numbers, the Fairmile B was also famously used on the raid on St. Nazaire.

Capable of 26 knots, the Fairmile C was a motor gun boat, mounting two 2-pounders and eight machine guns of various calibres. It was mainly used for close escort duties and some clandestine missions. 

Box contains:

  • S-Class Submarines x 3
  • Fairmile MTB sections (A,B,C & D) x 4
  • Ship Cards

Royal Navy Aircraft

-Vessels (1x Admiral scheer 1940 + 1x Admiral Graf Spee 1939)
-Vessels (3x Liberty Merchant Ship + 1x Liberty Merchant Ship 1939)

-Aircrafts (4x Fairey Fulmar fighter/bombers + 4x Hawker Hurricane fighter/bombers + 1x Short Sunderland Flying Boat)
-Aircrafts (1x Focke-Wulf FW 200 Condor bomber + 4x Junkers Ju 88 fighter/bombers + 4x Messerschmitt Bf109 fighters)
-Aircrafts (4x Grumman TBF/TBM Avenger flights + 4x Grumman F4F Wildcat flights + 1x PBY 5 Catalina flight)

-Accessory (Aircraft Cards + Stat Card)
-Accessory (Ship Cards + Stat Card)
-Accessory (Aircraft Cards + Stat Card)
-Accessory (Ship Cards + Stat Card)
-Accessory (Aircraft Cards + Stat Card)

  • INTRODUCE YOUR TABLETOP TO THE NEW GAME: You got together with friends over the weekend to play a battleship toy game, enjoyed a hot cup of coffee, and behaved as a strategist to battle your opponent
  • YOUR FOCUS NEEDS MORE FOCUS: This battleship game is here for you to encourage real-life tactics while also stimulating your creativity with the help of 1 Flying Boat, 4 Hawker Hurricane, 4 Fulmar fighter
  • SINK YOUR ENEMY & SAVE YOUR CREW: The WW2 action figures will assist you in making hard decisions, like when to attack, when to engage adversaries, when to capture enemy battleships, & how to save your crew
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Simply build, paint, and play - It's just as much fun to build and paint the model war from scratch like the plastic model kit and watch them come to life as it is to play the game
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: We hope you will love our miniature wargame as there are more surprises waiting inside miniature wargaming packaging
  • ADDITIONAL VALUE: You will get a digital value bundle inside of this miniature war game