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Bolt Action - Soviet Union: KV1/2 Platoon

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The Mighty KV1/2 Platoon: A Comprehensive Guide for Historical Wargamers


The world of historical wargaming is filled with iconic units and vehicles, and among them, the Bolt Action - Soviet Union: KV1/2 Platoon stands tall. This blog post aims to provide an in-depth look at this fascinating platoon, offering insights, strategies, and painting tips that will appeal to both veterans and newcomers to the hobby. Let's dive into the world of the KV1/2 Platoon and explore what makes it a must-have for any Soviet Union wargaming enthusiast.

The History of the KV1/2 Platoon

Bolt Action KV1/2 Platoon in WWII

The KV1/2 tanks were a symbol of Soviet engineering during WWII. Known for their heavy armor and powerful guns, they played a crucial role in various battles. Understanding the Bolt Action KV1/2 Platoon History provides a rich context for wargaming and helps recreate authentic battle scenarios.

Painting and Customization

Painting Guide for Bolt Action KV1/2 Platoon

A well-painted KV1/2 Platoon can be the centerpiece of your army. This section offers a step-by-step Painting Guide for Bolt Action KV1/2 Platoon, including color choices, techniques, and tips to bring your miniatures to life.

Tactics and Strategies

Bolt Action Soviet Union KV1/2 Tactics

Mastering the Bolt Action KV1/2 Platoon Strategies can give you an edge on the battlefield. This section delves into various tactics, formations, and ways to utilize the KV1/2 Platoon effectively in your games.

Bolt Action Soviet Union Army Guide with KV1/2 Platoon

Integrating the KV1/2 Platoon into your overall army strategy is vital. This part of the guide offers insights into building a cohesive and competitive army with the KV1/2 Platoon at its core.

Miniatures Comparison

Bolt Action KV1/2 Platoon Miniatures Comparison

Choosing the right miniatures is essential for any wargamer. This section provides a detailed comparison of various Bolt Action KV1/2 Platoon Miniatures, helping you make an informed decision based on quality, scale, and aesthetics.


The Bolt Action - Soviet Union: KV1/2 Platoon is more than just a set of miniatures; it's a gateway to a rich historical era filled with tactical depth and artistic expression. Whether you're interested in the historical aspect, the painting process, or the tactical gameplay, the KV1/2 Platoon offers something for every historical wargamer.

At Wargames Delivered, we are passionate about providing value to the gaming community. We hope this guide has enriched your understanding of the KV1/2 Platoon and inspired you to explore further. Happy wargaming!

This box has the components to allow you to make either a platoon of KV-1s or KV-2s, you can even mix and match! Here are the full contents:

  • 3 hard plastic Soviet KV-1 heavy tanks or KV-2 self-propelled artillery
  • A detailed tank commander
  • An instruction and painting guide
  • A full color waterslide decal sheet
  • Bolt Action stat cards for an easy gaming reference
  • Tank damage markers to give your games a realistic aspect
  • 8 multi-pose plastic Soviet infantry to use as Tank Riders