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Wargames Delivered

Wargames Delivered - Judge Dredd: Street Judges - 28mm Miniatures - 5 Judge miniatures, 2 Unit Cards, 1 Armoury Card, 1 Big Meg Card, Digital Bundle - Action Figures Plastic Model Kit by Warlord Games

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Characters (1x Street Judge w/ Widowmaker 2000 + 1x Street Judge w/ Lawrod + 3x Judges)

Characters (1x Mechanismo Mk II + 1x Med Judge + 1x Judge Wearing Rad Cloak + 1x Psi Judge + 1x Tek Judge)

Characters (1x Nero Narcos + 1x Judge Death + 1x Judge Grice + 1x Mean Machine Angel + 1x Orlok + 1x Orlok’s Satellat)

Characters (1x Homer Blint, Bat Glider + 1x East-Meg Agent + 1x Futsie Citizen + 1x Karl Raider, Vigilante + 1x Oola Blint, Angel of Mercy)

Characters (2x Mutant Sky Raiders Skyboards + 1x Mounted Mutant Sky Raiders)
  • LET'S TAKE YOUR BOARD GAMES TO THE NEXT LEVEL: Welcome to the world of Mega-city one, where 40 million potential criminals lived. Build plastic army men and take to the streets & play as the Justice Department
  • LET US KNOW, THE CRIMINALS HAS SURVIVED: Plans are needed to survive in the model war or any operation for that 5 Judge Dredd miniatures with plastic bases ready to join your force and clear the city
  • ACTIVATE YOUR CREATIVITY: The miniature wargaming is built to be played on large tabletops with multiple players. Build and painting the 28mm plastic miniatures are just as much fun as playing the game itself
  • MAKE IT INTERESTING: The miniature war games take you to the fictional world, where you can make your fantasies and create your own tactics to help you to optimize your focus & interest
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: We hope you will love our miniature wargame as there are more surprises waiting inside the product packaging
  • ADDITIONAL VALUE: You will get a digital value bundle inside of this table top war games