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Wargames Delivered

Wargames Delivered - Konflikt'47 Bolt Action Fallschirmjager Falcon Infantry - 28mm Miniatures - 8 Metal Heavy Infantry, Digital Bundle - WW2 Action Figure Model Kit by Warlord Games

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The Fallschirmjäger were famed from the beginning of WW2 for their involvement in capturing Belgium, the Netherlands and France. Though nearly decimated in courageous actions in Afrika, the Mediterranean, Italy, Northern Europe and Russia their early success have not been forgotten! Now they are seen again across the battlefields of 1947; re-fitted with state-of-the-art Falcon armour, it is far more agile than its predecessor shaping more to the Fallschirmjagers needs. More expensive to produce but far more valuable with its effectiveness and more popular with the troops that use it. In Konflikt '47 Quick and resilient, these troops are ideal objective grabbers and shock-troops. With the ability to keep up with. and even outpace, most vehicles. Without the hindrance of terrain you can guarantee they can get to their target double-time they can pack-a-punch and wipe out those bothersome back-line units with ease. Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
  • LET'S TAKE YOUR BOARD GAMES TO THE NEXT LEVEL: In the model war of bolt action miniatures, each move is important, if you have 8 army men with heavy personal armor in your arsenal, how you will give the right orders?
  • MAKE ALTERNATES OF WAR PLAN: Strategy and focus will need everything in a tabletop miniatures game. We share with you the 8 advanced infantry that will assist your other plastic army men to win the war
  • ACTIVATE YOUR CREATIVITY: You can enjoy the game on large tabletops with multiple players. Building and painting the miniature wargaming are just starter activities before the fun of playing the game
  • EXPERIENCE HISTORY: This miniature war game takes you back to the old era, where you experience historical events and their tactics to help you optimize your focus & interest in history
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: We hope you will love our miniature wargame. Also, you will get a digital value bundle inside of this table top war games