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Warlord Games

Mythic Americas - Inca: Maras

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Warlord ResinMetal

The Maras is a monstrously large and terrifyingly fast snake creature that can join any Inca warband. The Maras is a formidable foe, either smashing an enemy to bloody pulp with the deadly Macuahuitl of the Gods or sweeping aside lesser foes with a flick of its serpentine tail. It is a brave or foolish warrior who challenge the might of the Maras.

A monstrosity choice for an Inca army, the Maras is a flexible unit able to attack directly with a large weapon for a small number of high SV attacks or with many lighter attacks with its tail swipe.

Box contains one Maras Monstrosity and two game cards.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted