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Warlord Games

Project Z: Starter Game

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LET'S TAKE YOUR BOARD GAMES TO THE NEXT LEVEL: Imagine you are commending in a miniature war game, and you have enough army men and zombie miniatures in your arsenal. How do you give the right orders? MAKE A STRONG WAR PLAN: Plan, strategy, & focus, you will need everything in miniature wargaming. We share with you zombie's plastic army men, bikers, and battle essentials to create your own model war ACTIVATE YOUR CREATIVITY: You can enjoy the game on large tabletops with multiple players. Building and painting the zombie action figures & 28mm plastic miniatures are starters before the actual fun begins EXPERIENCE YOUR FANTASY: These table top war games take you to the fictional world, where you can make your fantasies and create your own tactics to help you optimize your focus & interest CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: We hope you will love our zombie toys starter set. You will get a digital value bundle inside of this miniature wargame