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Badger Air-Brush Co.

Badger - Ultra Fine Pixel Painter Airbrush Bundle

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The Sotar 20/20 airbrush is a must-have tool for artists seeking to achieve intricate details with ease. Featuring a fine (black) needle/nozzle, this airbrush allows for precise spraying, from fine hairlines to a 3/4" pattern, with its gravity feed 2ml cup. Its design enables artists to spray a wide range of media, including finely pigmented paints, watercolors, inks, dyes, and low-viscosity acrylics, making it an indispensable companion for unleashing creativity on the canvas.

Upgrade your airbrush game with the Badger Airbrush Hose Adapter, the ultimate tool for seamless airbrushing. This dual-action, internal mix gravity feed airbrush complements your setup, enhancing performance and precision. Built to last, the durable badger airbrush hose adapter ensures longevity and reliability for all your airbrushing needs. Spend more time focused on your art and less time refilling, thanks to the 1/12 oz color cup that allows extended use before requiring a refill. This mini paint sprayer is the go-to choice for artists looking to elevate their skills.

The package includes one Badger Airbrush Hose Adapter, specifically designed for compatibility with Thayer and Chandler Vega and Omni airbrushes. With this adapter, you have exactly what you need to enhance your airbrushing experience. Furthermore, the manufacturer's commitment to quality customer service ensures your satisfaction, standing by their product and providing exceptional support. Elevate your artistic endeavors and achieve outstanding results with the Sotar 20/20 airbrush and the Badger Airbrush Hose Adapter by your side.


  • Type: Hose adapter
  • Compatibility: Thayer and Chandler Vega and Omni airbrushes