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Bolt Action - USA: M8/M20 Greyhound Scout Car Platoon

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The Greyhound's Roar: A Deep Dive into the M8/M20 Scout Car Platoon


Ah, the roar of the Greyhound! For any historical wargamer, the Bolt Action - USA: M8/M20 Greyhound Scout Car Platoon holds a special place in the heart. These vehicles, with their sleek design and formidable presence, played a pivotal role during WWII. Today, we'll embark on a journey through time, exploring the intricacies of these magnificent machines and their miniature counterparts available at Wargames Delivered.

Historical Significance of M8/M20 Greyhound in WWII

The M8 and M20 Greyhounds were more than just vehicles; they were symbols of American ingenuity and determination. Deployed primarily for reconnaissance and as command vehicles, these scout cars were known for their speed, agility, and the ability to deliver crucial intel to the front lines. Their presence on the battlefield often turned the tide of skirmishes, making them invaluable assets to the Allied forces.

Bolt Action M8 Greyhound Scout Car Review

The M8 Greyhound, with its 6x6 wheel configuration and armored exterior, is a masterpiece in miniature form. The attention to detail, from the turret's rotation to the intricate markings, is a testament to the craftsmanship of Bolt Action miniatures. It's not just a piece on the board; it's a slice of history in your hands.

USA M20 Greyhound Scout Car Tactics

While the M8 is a force to be reckoned with, the M20 comes with its own set of tactical advantages. Often used as a command vehicle, the M20 was equipped with heavier armament and was instrumental in coordinating troop movements and assaults. In the wargaming arena, utilizing the M20's command capabilities can give players a strategic edge, making it a must-have in any Bolt Action collection.

WWII Miniature Wargaming with M8/M20 Greyhound Scout Car

Wargaming is not just about strategy; it's about immersion. And nothing immerses a player more than historically accurate miniatures. The M8/M20 Greyhound Scout Cars, with their impeccable design and authentic detailing, transport players back to the tumultuous days of WWII, allowing them to relive epic battles and craft their own war stories.


The M8/M20 Greyhound Scout Car Platoon is more than just miniatures; they're a bridge to the past, a testament to human ingenuity, and a crucial piece in any wargamer's collection. At Wargames Delivered, we're not just passionate about games; we're passionate about history. And with these miniatures, we bring that history to your tabletop.

This kit will allow you to build both the M8 with its familiar turret and 37mm gun as well as the M20 utility.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted