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Victory at Sea - France: Marine Nationale Fleet

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8 Vessels
Warlord ResinMetal

At the outbreak of the Second World War, the Marine Nationale of France was a powerful force with modern battleships, which should have been a major asset to the Allied cause. The rapid fall of France in the land war and the creation of the neutral Vichy France forced a different destiny for the once-powerful French fleet - British forces were forced to bombard their former allies’ vessels lest they be turned against them. Whilst some ships served (on both sides), the remainder of the once-powerful French fleet was scuttled at Toulon in 1942.

It is interesting to speculate how the French fleet might have affected the course of the war had events transpired differently. Victory at Sea will allow you to play-out these what-if scenarios with the launch of the Marine Nationale for the game.

Fleet Contents:

  • 1x Richelieu battleship
  • 1x Bearn carrier
  • 1x Foch cruiser
  • 1x Suffren cruiser
  • 1x Jeanne D'arc cruiser
  • 3x Chacal-class destroyers
  • 4x Loire Nieuport LN401/411 flights

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted