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Wargames Delivered

Wargames Delivered Victory at Sea – US Navy Fleet Starter Set WW2 Action Figures Includes 4 Aircraft, 8 Vessels, Assembly Instructions, Digital Bundle – Battleship Plastic Model Kit by Warlord Games

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  • MAKE YOUR TABLETOP GAME MORE INTERESTING: At the weekend you got together with friends to play a battleship toy game, sipped a warm cup of coffee, and acted as a strategist to battle with your opponent
  • YOU CAN’T ENJOY IT UNTIL YOU PLAY: These WW2 figures are designed to promote real-life strategy and stimulate your imagination power. unlike others, it has included instructions manual and decals
  • SINK YOUR ENEMY & SAVE YOUR CREW: The ww2 toys will help you to make decisions in adversity like attacking at the right time, engaging enemies, capturing enemy battleships, and saving your crew
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: build, paint and play - The construction and painting of the model kit from scratch like tabletop miniatures and watching them come to life is just as much fun as the game itself
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: We hope you will love our product as there are more surprises waiting inside the product packaging
  • ADDITIONAL VALUE: You will get a digital value bundle inside the product packaging