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Bolt Action - USA: US Army Support Group (Winter)

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Battling the Cold: A Deep Dive into the Bolt Action - USA: US Army Support Group (Winter)


For the avid historical wargamer, the allure of recreating iconic battles from World War II is irresistible. And when it comes to authenticity, the Bolt Action series never disappoints. Today, we're taking a closer look at the Bolt Action - USA: US Army Support Group (Winter) set, a must-have for those looking to bring the chilling battles of the winter front to their tabletop.

The Historical Context of Winter US Army Support in WWII

The winter months of World War II presented unique challenges for the US Army. From the Battle of the Bulge to the harsh Russian winters, the US Army Support Group played a pivotal role in ensuring that frontline troops received the supplies and support they needed. Their resilience and adaptability in the face of extreme cold and enemy fire are legendary.

Overview of Bolt Action USA Winter Army Support Miniatures

The miniatures in this set are meticulously crafted, capturing the essence of the US Army Support Group during the winter months of WWII. From the detailed uniforms, complete with winter gear, to the authentic weapons and equipment, these miniatures are a testament to the dedication of Wargames Delivered in providing historically accurate figures.

Tactics for Winter US Army Support in Bolt Action

In the game, the Winter US Army Support Group offers a unique tactical advantage. Their winter gear allows for better movement in snowy terrains, giving players an edge in winter-themed scenarios. Additionally, their specialized training and equipment make them invaluable in holding supply lines and providing crucial support to frontline troops.

Assembling Guide for Bolt Action USA Winter Army Support

For those new to the world of miniature wargaming, assembling your figures can be a daunting task. But fear not! The Bolt Action USA Winter Army Support set comes with a detailed guide to help you put together your troops. From gluing to painting, every step is covered to ensure your miniatures look battle-ready.

Gameplay Tips for Bolt Action Winter US Army Support Group

  • Utilize the Terrain: Winter scenarios often come with snow-covered landscapes. Use this to your advantage by positioning your support group in areas that offer cover and a clear line of sight.
  • Supply Lines are Key: Ensure that your support group maintains a clear path to the frontline troops. This ensures that supplies and reinforcements reach where they're most needed.
  • Adapt and Overcome: The winter battlefield is unpredictable. Be ready to adapt your strategy based on the situation and the movements of your opponent.


The Bolt Action - USA: US Army Support Group (Winter) is more than just a set of miniatures; it's a piece of history brought to life. Whether you're a seasoned wargamer or just starting out, this set offers a unique opportunity to recreate some of the most iconic battles of World War II. And with the quality and authenticity that Wargames Delivered brings to the table, you're in for an immersive experience.

This box set contains the following:

  • 3 officers with carbine/rifle
  • 1 medic
  • 1 radio operator/spotter
  • 1 medium mortar team
  • 1 MMG team

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.