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Pike & Shotte: Italian Wars 1494 - 1559: Landsknechts with Zweihanders

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The figures in this boxed set can be used to represent the Landsknechts raised in Germany or other nations of the period and can be armed with either halberds or Zweihänder swords.
  • LET’S CAST YOUR IMAGINATION: Create the obstacle and hurdles so that your army has the upper hand until your enemy give up and surrender in front of you and join your Landsknecht army miniatures
  • MAKE YOURSELF READY FOR THE ADVENTURE: To make your army unbeatable, you'll need a strategy, focus: For your ultimate plastic army men, the 12 Landsknechts 2-handed swords & 12 with halberds are ready
  • EVERYTHING YOU FEEL IS REAL: It's made to be played with multiple players. Building and painting the model war & tabletop miniatures is just as much fun as playing the game
  • MAKES IT EXCITING: The miniature war game brings you to a legendary age, where you can observe historical events and strategies to strengthen your historical focus and interest
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: We hope you will love our miniature wargames as there are more surprises waiting inside the product packaging
  • ADDITIONAL VALUE: You will get a digital value bundle inside this table top war games

This box set contains:

  • Plastic and metal components to make 12 Landsknechts with two-handed swords and 12 with halberds.
  • Plastic bases.